Introducing ALI

Africa Learning International (ALI) is an NGO dedicated to developing and providing innovative and impactful teacher professional development on the African continent. The ALI team is made of outstanding educators and researchers, all passionate about Africa and often African themselves. ALI’s mission is to initiate a movement around quality education for all (SDG #4) on the African continent. In doing so, we want to develop learner centered approaches and leadership education that are relevant to the children of the continent. Our wish is for all African learners to be enriched via:


Cultural Identity

Life-changing opportunities

We believe that:

• In the competitive and globalised world of today, the children of Africa also deserve quality education that respects their local roots and helps them grow global wings.

• Teachers are key in the delivery of quality education. Therefore, developing teachers’ professional growth will impact the students’ learning and their prospects for the future.

A snapshot of the African continent

Challenges faced by Teachers:
• overcrowded schools

• no or little in-service training

• inadequate salaries

• poor infrastructure
However, there are also:
• Excellent schools, teachers and school leaders in Africa who can share their expertise and resources

• Opportunities to leverage the fast development of mobile technology and internet use for an enhanced communication and collaboration amongst teachers across the continent.

The dangers of status quo are:
• With the rapid population growth on the African continent on the one hand, and the complex demands of XXIst century employment structures on the other hand, the quality and relevance of the education received by each African child will continue to decline as the classes become even more crowded and the training needs of teachers are not addressed.

• One of the consequences of this is a dramatic increase in the number of economic refugees trying to flee the continent by all means possible.

ALI’s solutions

ALI provides teacher professional development that is both culturally responsive and internationally-minded ; because teachers play a key role in helping the leaders and changemakers of today and tomorrow fulfill their potential. Future-proof skills, entrepreneurship, character and community engagement can be nurtured in African schools if teachers have access to adequate resources to develop these qualities in students. Creating and sharing such resources is ALI’s main objective.

How to support ALI

Funds to raise:

  • Travel to our pilot schools to strengthen our collaboration and deliver training.
    COST: 20000 USD.
  • Create the comprehensive and highly functional e-platform for teacher devveloment and leadership training.
    COST: 20000 USD.
  • Remunerate 30 local Master Teachers who will deliver imactful ALI training to other teachers in ther community.
    COST: 30000 USD.
  • Targeted total for 2019-2022:
    70000 USD.

How established African Schools can support ALI and become partner schools:

  • By using ALI's services for teacher training for in doing so they would combine professional development with potential social impact
  • By encouraging faculty to becom Master Teachers with ALI and train other teachers locally.
  • Offer faciliteis for the training of local teachers from underprivileged schools.